August 21, 2006

Just returned last week from a trip to Foxwoods. Actually stayed at Mohegan Sun. These are the two largest casinos northeast of Atlantic City. They are both Indian casinos and they are about nine miles apart in the southeast corner of Connecticut.

Foxwoods is currently the largest casino in the world with 340,000 square feet of gaming space. They have a 100 table poker room called the WPT World Poker Room. They have a $100 No-Limit Hold'em Tournament Monday-Friday at 10am. I played in it Monday morning. They had 170 entries and paid 20 spots. I finished with five tables still in play.

To go from Foxwoods to Mohegan Sun you follow State Route 2 West to 2A West. I had that in my mind the next morning trying to get back to Foxwoods from Mohegan Sun. I tried to follow 2A West instead of 2A East and I got to the poker room at 10:01am. When I got in line to sign up for the tournament they had 166 entries. Then they announced they would cut off entries at 170. You can probably guess that I was number 171. Sat down at a $10-$20 limit Hold'em table and ended up losing $300.

It really was my mistake in getting lost, but road signs really suck in the northeast. I arrived and left by the main airport near Providence, Rhode Island. I left very early for the airport, driving up I-95 North. Getting near to Providence I passed an exit sign that said "TF Green Airport." The airport I was looking for had a national airport code of PVD. Sounds like ProViDence International Airport, right? The website is even I figured TF Green was some tiny business airport. Like I said, their road signs suck. After a tour of downtown Providence, I managed to get back to the airport in plenty of time. Since the government doesn't want us taking any "explosive" shampoo onto planes anymore, I checked my baggage. The process was fast enough that I had time to eat the bad food at the extremely overpriced airport restaurant with the very slow service.

August 20, 2006

Welcome to my blog. This is the first entry of what I intend to be a long journey of discovery and shared learning. I am a former computer programmer. I am currently a poker dealer. And I am a future professional tournament poker player. When will this change in profession occur? As soon as I hit a big enough result in a tournament. Something like $100,000.

I haven't played in a $5,000 or $10,000 entry fee tournament yet, but I have played in five tournaments with entry fees of $1000 to $2000. Two World Series and three World Poker Tour preliminary events. The closest I've come to cashing was in a $2000 WPT event at the Bellagio in Vegas. There were 356 entries and the top 27 cashed for at least $4000. I finished 38th.

In this blog I'll be reporting the results of my poker career. A major part of which will be trying to learn more about playing poker well by reading the best books on poker. I'll be reviewing the latest books available and the best of the classics. My reviews will be short and to the point. I'll tell you if the strategies are easy to understand or if the reading is worth your time.

To be honest with you, I'm not writing this blog for the fun of it, though I will be trying to have some fun along the way. No, I'd actually like to make some money from this venture. One way to make money from content sites is the Google AdSense program. Once you've developed an established site with some significant traffic you can run ads from Google that are targeted to the content you have on your site. There are at least three books available now that discuss how to increase traffic and profits by using Google programs and by optimizing your site for the Google search function. I will have reviews of those books here as soon as possible.

Three other ways to make money involves affiliate programs. At the bottom of all of my web pages you'll find links to the maker of the web development software that I use and the web host that I use. If you use those links and buy the software or a hosting package, then I'll make a small cut of that. And, all of my book reviews will have links to Amazon, where you can buy the book and allow me to get a small cut of that purchase.

If you've ever thought of getting involved in an affiliate program, stay tuned. I'll let you know in general terms what kind of site traffic I'm getting and what kind of results I get from these programs. I'm going to try to put some good content out there over a network of web sites. I'm hoping that a little bit of time invested will eventually result in some consequential income.

That network of sites I mentioned includes:

Reviews of Poker Books

Vegas Book Reviews

Vegas History

and Vegas Construction News

As of today, none of those sites are live. I hope to have some content on the book review sites in a week or two. But it might be a month or two before I get any substantial content on the Vegas History and Construction News sites. Of course, I'll keep you updated on that progress in this blog, so keep reading.